Growing up in Berkeley, California in the 1960s I was raised by parents who were polar opposites from one another. My father, a conservative businessman, my mother a social liberal, were bound together by a fiery passion, which I never understood. This diametric pattern of extremes: seeking the stability yet craving the excitement of fighting for ones convictions, was established early on in my life, as was the expectation that I was to make a difference. My preoccupation with color and design seemed frivolous next to the daunting task of making the world a better place so I set aside my love for art in pursuit of“truth and justice”. I became a lobbyist.

Over time, my lobby practice came to focus on advocating for the arts. "Truth and justice", shifted from being an external pursuit, to being more of a personal commitment that guided me in selling my firm and returning to art school.

More than a decade has passed since graduating from Pacific Northwest College of Art. Now the rich dichotomy of extremes, along with intensity and passion can be found in my art.

Though I use a range of materials and techniques,my art is infused with a singular message: "we are all connected - to one another, to the earth, to those who came before us and those who will follow."

Kathleen Curtis Cosgrove, Artist
Studios in Vancouver Washington and Manzanita Oregon